ProMART - The Open Source Business Applications Market

Development Environment

The modules within the Component Registry have to be highly reusable. This is a crucial part of the overall concepts around ProMART initiative. They have to comply with a set of requirements to be approved as building blocks for Solutions. For example, a given module can appear in the visual elements such as main menu, side bar, etc. only if it implements the required set of extensions in the way the solution backbone can understand. The data management as well as the business process management should also be made compliant with the target stack. The overall life-cycle management is also mandated by the target stack capabilities. Such unification of the development model and target languages and frameworks on one hand side leads to some limitations, but on the other hand it simplifies the composition and delivery model afterwards.

To simplify the development on the platform as well as to attract the developers, ProMART provides a set of high-productivity tools in a WebIDE for:

The default stack where the applications run on productions can differ depending on the required features. Custom stacks including 3-thd party low-level frameworks, also can be provided.